WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD OF HAIR WINDOWS! My purpose of inventing them is to revolutionize the hair industry by making all hair services simply more accurate, less expensive, less time consuming, and most important HONEST! WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET!  Too often i have heard in the salon for over 37 years of being a hairstylist an hysterical out cry of a client who only wanted an "1/2 inch off her hair." As a motion picture hair stylist I was introduced to barely trims while working on the TV show Dallas (the original one) Patrick Duffy required a 1/4th hair cut weekly to keep his hair exactly the same.  I was the lucky one who was assigned that cut.  It trained me to be specific and cut for the situation not to think I know better then the person giving me instructions be it a client of superior.  I applied this literal thinking to my clients in the salon and decided i would cut the entire cut more then once if the client wasn't happy.  AN INCH IS AN INCH EVERYWHERE ELSE BUT THE SALON.  I myself was a victim of a know it all hair stylist  when i went in to get a trim i asked for 1/2 inch off and she proceeded to hold my hair  in the back and cut over 7 inches.  Her reply to my out break of tears (" trust me you look better). "  The next conscious women was my hair is gone!!!